Mediaplatform would like to thank:

Ioana Borza – Romania
Gender expert
European Institute for Gender Equality

Maurizio Mosca – Lithuania
Gender expert
European Institute for Gender Equality

Jesper Schou HANSEN – Denmark
Senior Communications Officer
European Institute for Gender Equality, EIGE

Pamela Morinière – Belgium
Gender, Authors’ Rights and Projects Officer
European / International Federation of Journalists

Edith Stohl – Austria
Editor and equal opportunity officer
ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Corporation

Sofia Branco – Portugal
LUSA – News Agency of Portugal

Katrien Bruggeman – Belgium
Senior Staff Member
Council of Women of Belgium

Aphrodite Papaioannou – Cyprus
Research Assistant, Ph D Candidate, French and Modern Language department
University of Cyprus

Ina Volmut – Croatia
Assistant Head of Office for Gender Equality
Government of the Republic of Croatia

Loredana Ivan – Romania
Associate Professor PhD
National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest

María Jesús Ortiz – Spain
Chief of communication and image. Director of the Observatory of the Women Image in Media and Publicity.
Spanish Institute of Woman 

Frances Byrne – Ireland
Board Member
National Women’s Council

Claus Pirschner – Austria
Equal Opportunities Officer Program
ORF – Austrian Broadcasting Corporation

Christa Brömmel – Luxemburg
Project leader
Women and gender library Luxembourg

Anya Wiersma – The Netherlands
Chairwoman GUTS, Gay Union Through Sports
Supervisory Board of ATRIA, Institute on gender equality and women’s history

Pauline Teunissen – The Netherlands
Owner Video Production Company
PRezz Video PR

Danka Husken –  The Netherlands
Education and Author
Studio Danka Husken

Renate Tromp – The Netherlands
Freelance Journalist – Producer
Scrub the Mind

Chinello Ifebigh – The Netherlands
Founder, CEO
Mama Djambo’s Foods

Nora van Oostrom-Streep – The Netherlands
Professor of notarial law University of Utrecht
Official spokesperson Royal Dutch notarial Society
Advisor Nauta Dutilh NV 

Paul van Doggenaar – The Netherlands
id Led

Ria van Heugten – The Netherlands
Volunteer European Newspaper Project

Dick van Heugten – The Netherlands
Volunteer European Newspaper Project

Miranda Pol – The Netherlands
Financial Administrative Assistant

Jamie Quin – The Netherlands

Lyanne van den Berg  – The Netherlands
Van Houten Dedicated Vervoer BV 

Suzan Silvius  – The Netherlands
Kalasa Kitchen

Ruud Maas – The Netherlands
Van Gelderen

Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam – The Netherlands

Katja Juncu- Bulgaria

Riemke Riemersma – The Netherlands

Aaltje H. Vincent – The Netherlands

Gertrude Ziermans – The Netherlands

Special thanks to:

Marianne Haarsma – The Netherlands
Volunteer European Newspaper Project

Wendy Lutmers – The Netherlands
Lutmers Projects

Ely Hackmann – The Netherlands

Rene van Manen – The Netherlands
Storm Solutions

Marcelle Warringa – The Netherlands
Commuwise – Online Communication & PR

Monique van Rooyen – Staal – The Netherlands
Movaro – Experience and Communication

Dave Kentie – The Netherlands
Kentie Media & Management

And all those who contributed to this project.